Saturday, September 15, 2012

Essential tips for house removals

It had been a long time since i had my last article posted and it really pains me to missed writing about some events which had been emotional and historical about the latest catastrophe  that befall to my countrymen in the Philippines. For the last few months my fellow filipinos had suffered the devastating  typhoons, floods, earthquakes and landslides. It pains just to see news of the people living in miseries. Thank god its over and life goes on and I hope it would be better and the people and the government should have learned from the hardships.

The world is really changing drastically and catasthrophes are unpredictable.

While my countrymen were suffering from these events, me and my family here in our residence are moving our house stuff to another place. That  situation limited my time to  regularly post good articles for my blog.  I was really busy from the preparation, planning to actual house removals and setting up on the new house.

But, it was a learning experienced again. It made me seriously consider a lot of things on house removals, There must be a system and I can share to you essential tips for moving or house removals. As I have been practising all along whenever I am planning on any event , I always consider on consulting  online for any requirements needed such as house removals;
  • Consider the history or background of the removalist and what specialty they are offering like
  • With regards to house removals first to consider is the budget needed for the activity from the preparation to actual moving out and arrangement of household stuff into the new house. You need to consider what company you will choose for the house removals. You need their quotations to give you an idea of how much your going to spent to move out. Of couse you need the cheapest removal services. 
  • You can either the call the company for the quotation or use their online faster quotes for your convenience, they will provide the necessary details of quotes per item to be move out.
  • Some questions needed to be clarified with any removalist and you
  1. The total inventory of the items and the size of the truck to be used in moving out
  2. The need for the dismantling of any furnitures or item, it would be much cheaper if items are already just to be picked up and move out. Everything fitted in a box should be done.
  3. How long will  be the moving out from the pick up to loading, the distance and the weather
  4. Are there hidden cost which are not stated
  5. The time to booked 
  6. Are there insurance with the regards to furnitures 
  7. Are charges differ from weekdays and weekends 
All of the above have been considered in our moving out and there were no problems that came out. I hope you will consider this essential tips for your house removals. By this time I am now ready  back to my task of giving you more good post.