Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tiger Dragon Rabbit in the Year of the Dragon Kris 1

Discussions from KRIS AQUINO'S program part 1 before the start of Year of the Dragon reveals some interesting matters pertaining to Chinese Zodiacs, what is in store for people Tiger year born, Dragon year born and Rabbit year born. A filipino Geomancer Jeffrey Ventura  was guest that revealed  matters about horoscopes, actresses Angelica Panganiban and Melai Cantiveros were also present.

ANGELICA PANGABNIBAN  is a Tiger born on November 1986 which is considered a fire tiger. Fire tiger flows with the water dragon which is this year 2012. Other personalitiy  tigers in ABS-CBN are Cory Vidanes, Ted Failon, Shamcey Supsup, Charlene Gonzales, Congresswoman Lucy Torres and  Blanca Manalo.

Lucky colors --  dark blue, bone white and black. What this means is that this colors provides more luck. Tigers should let go of the bad luck of the past year. They should not cut their hair in this Year of the Dragon its a bad luck. It is a good luck for tiger parents to bore children on this year of the dragon because it will bring good money luck. Tiger is compatible with the Dragon in terms of companionship but in business they are not because they will have conflicts. So for tiger people this are some hints about what is in store for you on these year 2012 but if you want to know more visit this site Fenshui-import.

MELAI  CANTIVEROS  is a dragon born  April 6, 1988, considered a blue dragon, its tiring year for Melai because of working too much and not having enough sleep. Though career wise Melai has good luck for uplifiting her career and at the same time earning more but because of health problems income generation will be affected. Melai or others belonging in the year of the dragon had the tendency to be carefree. Or their decisions are affecting their prosperity. Just like with the latest problem of Melai that she had lost her wallet on Cebu Pacific in going back to Manila.

Something in common with the Dragon, they became king and queen of the comedyy like Dolphy, Ai Ai delas Alas, Vice Ganda,and  Melai could become another Ai Ai with her good luck. Those good in Drama are Maja Salvador, Paulo Aveelino, and JM de Guzman, Sha sha Padilla, Gabby Lopez, the president of  ABS-CBN , In general for the Dragon about lovelife--there is always a problem because there must be a correction through alignment, dragons have a high standard and proud.

Lucky colors to take of the health, red, violet, beige
Dragon are workaholic but restless , in their decision so the luck is lost, so to prevent this there are some luck charms to buy and worn my suggesstion is the Fenshui-import.

The rabbit people in the entertainment industry are  Bea Alonzo, Jake Cuenca, Vina Morales, Kean Cipriano, Sen Kiko Pangalinan, Jason Francisco..This is a good year for the rabbit in terms of career and prosperity. Their lucky colors are palin white, green then blue.  Rabbit and Dragon are a good combination because the Dragon act as the leader and rabbit as a good follower. Like Melai and Jason, Melai is a dragon and Jason is a rabbit.

Rituals on the eve to be followed before the Chinese New Year to flow love within the family and household Put a cantalope .from 1 - 3 pieces on a bowl, surround with a poncan( kyat kyat) ,wrap the kyat kyat with red gold ribbon, this symbolized money and love will stick  together. The number of kyat kyat should be 52 pieces .red and gold combine in one ribbon. To make relationship bond, more, there should be candies. For single it should not be sour, it should be sweets. It could also be fruity.

To view the entire episode of Kris 1, watch this below  if not just read the article above. Thanks and i hope you had learned some hints about your Chinese Zodiac.