Friday, July 22, 2011

Corruption cases of the former govt discovered

The first year of President Noynoy Aquino is showing the primary program being implemented , that is getting rid of corruption in government.  The present administration believes that with this programs , those who corrupted will be punished and the corrupt money should be returned to the government.

This primary program was strategic in the sense that doing this thrust ranks the administration with good credit ratings from other countries especially US and loan agencies . I also presume that a lot of people want to know the real truth about the many cases of corruption and anomalies during the former administration of President Gloria Arroyo. The people of the Philippines have been denied of the truth .

These are the cases being investigated by the senate in aid of legislation ;

1. Fertilizer fund scam – fertilizer fund that was not given to the farmers but diverted into election fund

2. AFP corruption cases ; a certain Colonel Rabusa a whistle blower who implicated generals who had
benefited from some funds of the military

3.  PCSO misused of Funds  - issue about bishops of Catholic Bishop of the Philippines given luxury cars . issues on inteligence fund, issues of funds used for election purposes and others

New development is surfacing now , that are leading to most famous corrupt and fake President Gloria Arroyo.  Governor Zaldy Ampatuan who was charged with multiple murder in Mindanao is now shouting out  Gloria Arroyo as the mastermind in the fake election result favoring camps of President Arroyo . A comelec official Beedol now surfacing and implicating President Gloria Arroyo in the manipulation of the election in 2004 and 2007.

With these scenarios , it is just befitting to know the real truth and punished who were involved in corruption and looting of the governments money.  This is the first time in the history if this succeeds  that top government officials willl be punished for corruption.  But on the other hand , there are other issues of poverty, rising prices and employment that has to be given solution by the present administration. And these also cannot wait..