Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do you know what your site is all about?

What Google thinks about your site could be determine with the Stomper Net Seer tool. They the founder of the tool integrates their tools with the adwords API of Google, which is a fancy way of saying that they can work it out in the heart of Google and analyze what Google is thinking about our website. It is fascinating set of results because many times we think we know what our website is talking about. But Google sees something completely different and guess what ? WHAT GOOGLE THINKS OF YOUR WEBSITE IS WHAT THEY RANK.. So if you think your website is all about your dog walking and Google thinks your page is about dog food and you wonder you are not ranking for dog walking. Google sees your page as something else.

Example: Result of Stomper Net Seer Adwords Analysis

What Google Thinks of Flipantasticweb ?

So here , the analysis is that Flipantasticweb is a blog, naturally classified under miscellaneous.

So this is a great way to determine and make changes to compliment what Google thinks of your site. It is also a significant way to test our competitors site and see what Google thinks it is all about. This is also important to determine what categories or silos should our website should focus on. And it is the easy way of saying , how you can organize the content of site. It is also easy for the visitors to navigate and also for Google to understand or group site for themes and content. So the power of looking at Googles eyes and heart of knowing what our site is all about is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. You must not skip this part because this is the way Google is analyzing and RANKING your site. So if you really want to know your site have it evaluated..