Monday, May 26, 2008

Know Where Your Blog is Going

It has been mind blogging or lot of thinking. I should have post what I had in mind regarding concepts and analysis of a blog but I could not do it because I am talking to myself if its ready or not , so while waiting to decide , I post about the Entrecards new features which I think is very relevant and needs of all blog masters to proceed to just one direction.

Yes direction , every blog is going only in one direction that is to be in the no. 1 spot in the search engine.But to do that it takes a good blog content , lots of readership or subscibers and backlinks . I know this in theory but with what is going on my blog and its results in terms of Google analytics and revenue is not for me satisfactory , though Google rank my blog no. 3.

To have a good basis on what is the status of my blogsite I opted to consult an evaluation group . Coincidentally , I receive an email from Stomper net which has a new software that they want to try with their members. They called it the Stomper Net site seer , its an evaluation software they they use in analyzing the status of your blog site. When I read the offer I said to myself well this is timing . And it pushes me to reply on their email and had my blogsite for evaluation . It is free on the initial evaluation of the blogsite but for a more detailed man to man tutorial on what changes to be made with the web site you have to pay .

They provide guides or concepts on every aspect of the blog site . I believe it is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis that really helps in providing a guide for the basic changes and improvements to be done on your blog site. With just an initial report , it reveals the loopholes in my blogsite and pinpoint changes.

The Salient Points discussed and findings covers the following topics ;

  1. Presence

  2. What Google Think your site is all about ?

  3. Title Tag/ Meta Tag Analysis , What to do – Titles Done Right

  4. Keyword Meta Tag / Meta Description

  5. Headline ( Heading ) Analysis

  6. Analysis of Images

  7. Sitemap

  8. Google Page Rank

  9. Visibility on Google

  10. Visibility on Yahoo

  11. DMOZ directory

  12. Yahoo Directory

  13. Alexa Rank, Technorati Rank and Technorati Blog Reactions, Delicious Bookmarks

  14. Social Media

  15. RSS Feed

  16. Keyword Analysisin Adwords

  17. Top Myths About Google

The report is a 15 page discussion and evaluation on the basics of SEO . To post it would be too long and I believe every blogs are different from each other , and if you register on Stomper Net you will have your own unique evaluation. So I would just share some of the things that I consider very important for all blog site masters. They shared the following myths .

Top Myths About Google

Myth # 1: The higher your Google Page Rank( PR) , the higher you'll be in the search engine results listing . Page Rank has nothing to do with the ranking of web pages, it has to do with the level of authoritativeness the page has and how often it will be reindexed. Higher Page Rank pages tend to be reindexed more often.

Myth # 2: The Google Toolbar will list your actual Page Rank – the toolbar displays Page Rank and backlink information that is generally 3-5 monts old.

Myth # 3: Page Rank is a value based on the number of incoming links to your site – It is more to do with the quality of the links coming into your site.

Myth #4: Searching for incoming links on Google using “Link” will show you all your backlinks-Google only shows you a small number of the links they know about. The have publicly stated that the links they show you may not all be counted towards Page Rank. Instead use Yahoo or MSN as a qauge to your link progress.

Myth # 5: Being listed in the Open Directory Project gives you a special rank bonus – There is no “special bonus” , you get page rank from the ODP the same as you would from any other site. No special treatment is given.

Myth # 6: Being listed in Yahoo! Gives you a Special Page Rank bonus- See #5 There is no special bonus given.

Myth # 7: Google Analytics is used to track your user behavior for future products with Google- The data is not used by Google per the terms of use. There is no real value for Google to analyze that information , unless Yahoo! Or MSN decided to use Google Analytics.

Myth # 8: Google will not index dynamic pages - Google indexed dynamic content all the time, the issue is , does it index it correctly, and that is the responsibility of the webmaster, not Google

Myth # 9: Google will not list your site or penalize it, if you use Popups – Google does not view pop-ups as an indexing problem. However if the pop ups are abusive, you can be manually deindexed.

Myth # 10: Google will penalize you if, youre linked to by a link farm – While Google has stated that you cannot be penalized because of something that is not in your direct control, they do have systems in place to determine if you are participating in programs which are against their terms of use.

If you find these a challenge on your blogsite , submit your blog site for an evaluation. It would not do you any harm but would help you find your way , the direction and the blog status in the blogosphere. So watch for the changes of a new flipantasticweb in the coming days.