Thursday, March 27, 2008

GMA should not receive Holy Communion

This was the words spoken by Bishop Oscar Cruz in one of his interviews regarding the recent decision of the supreme court on the petition of Secretary Neri's witnessing in the senate. I agree with the Bishop who was one of the staunch critic of GMA. He was the bishop who expose the continous "Jueteng"in the Philippines, an illegal two number game prominent especially in the home province of Arroyo family.

Communion is a practise of the Roman Catholic Church for his members. It is a sign of Christ grace for the worshippers who had sinned. But before a communion is given to any catholic member, a confession for all the sins committed by an individual must had been confessed to a priest. But according to Bishop Cruz, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has not confessed and does not deserve to have a communion. The media had always display GMA kneeling, praying and receiving a communion. A kind of hypocrisy and she had the nerve to show it.

Confession is what Gloria Macapagal Arroyo must do to have a communion. What i understand by this is she must confessed not only to the priest but to the whole nation because she has betrayed the trust of the people which she is indebted. Her regime is full of sin's before the people. Since her "power grab" from the Erap administration her administration had already committed sins against the trust of people who put her in power and continuously smirched her reputation with scandals, anomalies, corruption and treachery.

The Catholic church must provide a discipline to their members and they should follow what Bishop Cruz has suggested. Though i believe other Bishops will not follow Bishop Cruz because its evident that other Bishops are in favor of GMA. I believe on the union of body and soul. Whatever the individual is doing on this life , should be the basis for man's accounting of his or her good deeds or bad deeds.

Atty. Macalintal , one of the lawyers in Comelec stated that "Priest duty is to give communion to members of the Catholic church , it is not the problem of the priest if the one receiving the communion is a sinner or not." This means that you could commit sins and receive communion anyway the people will not see if you are punished or not. So if GMA is a sinner , let it be anyway its her soul not ours. So it's an excuse to commit crimes, then confessed and receive communion.
So its also a cover up , to portray in media your pious and the sin of an individual is not anybody's concern. Its only for god and the individual concern and not for anybody else.

I dont agree with this, we are on earth and i believe this is God's kingdom material or spiritual and there supposed to be standards for a civil society. Like the reaction of Atty. Macalintal the son of GMA , congressman Arroyo of Pampanga stated that "criminals who are sinners are given communion why should her mother be deprived of the practise." I think he is right , his mother is also a sinner and should be given communion. But he forget to mentioned that her mother should confessed to the people the sins she has committed against the people.

We could not see or determine the judgement of God , what we could see are the goodness and the bad sins agains humanity on earth and we are guided with good deeds of religion not only for the soul but also for judging leaders based on what they are doing for humanity or people.

Supreme Court decision favors Neri's Petition

The influence of the GMA is seen again in the recent decision of the Supreme Court. Sec. Neri could not be questioned on three issues pertaining on discussions of Neri with the President. The majority who sided with Neri's petition are all appointed by the President so its not hard to determine why they decided siding with Neri. Its a favor they gave for GMA for their position. The chief of the Supreme Court Puno was dismayed by the decision , they are only three justices who did not vote in favor of the Neri's petition.

Likewise , the senators were not happy with the decision. Senator's Cayetano and Villar consulted Father Joaquin Bernas a constitutionalist and he said the decision of court would probably result to a constitutional crisis. The senator look at the decision as encroaching on the rights of the senate to investigate for the purpose of making laws. What happened now would be tantamount to handcupping the senate to investigate anomalies in government because the executive privilege would be the good excuse and it also means letting corruption to go on.

Jun Lozada also did not like the decision of the supreme court , for him the issues on his abduction is not being covered by the media anymore because they say its an old issue. The issue of anomalies in government is being tied on technicalities like on the decision of the supreme court. It is not concern on the essence of getting on the truth but had to misled on going after the truth. For the government its their working game , settling the issue on their own rules . I think the people should assert more for their right to find the truth and no matter how it takes, there should be no turning back. Its sad to note that in this midst of struggle former President Cory Aquino got cancer but she had proven to the nation, in spite of her condition she spent her lot with the people pursuing a just cause. Its the kind of people we should emulate and we should pray for her.