Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Countries are now more closer

With the invention of the internet " countries are now  more closer". The distance between countries are no longer a problem and relationships  of people with different nationalities, cultures and businesses are  great, fast and developing.  Though there are countries wihich are not in good terms politically and economically  but the rest of the world are interconnecting , sharing and having ties. 

There are a lot of things happening now all over the world and the popular news are not so good about the spread of new disease,  the wars going on on different countries and the unthinkable changes of the climatic and enviromental conditions that makes people fear of what's we are heading to. In spite of these events and catasthrope's life had to continue and governments had the responsibility to take care of the economic and political life of its own countrymen.

Inter- connecting of different countries with different languages to ease communication was not a problem even before because there are  courses of different languages in schools of different countries like in my country you can learn, spanish, korean, japanese, english,  and other languages.  But with the invention of the technology where the relationships of people and transactions  of  businesses are now transpiring online it is now more faster,  feeling closer, intimate and exact. You don't need to go to a certain country to transact your business internet takes care of your  business transactions. By a click of finger, if you need a financial  translator you can hook for one or a company especially skilled to this kind of craft. The internet had even developed more sophistication like  "the app" which makes life more easier.

Online technology even further pushed its high end that even money now or later in the future is now on the web not handy, not a paper, not a check but digital its bitcoin.