Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cell phone use source of disease

One item on the news on The Filipino Channel catches my attention. Its about cellphone use as one source of disease. The news was about the study conducted in  United Kingdom that e-coli bacteria had been found on cellphones. So it is not only in the Philippines but, also in any country. Watch this video;


So what is e-coli? It is a bacteria from human waste. It is a deadly bacteria than can cause anybody to be sick. It is being transferred from one person to another through the cellphone. So if you have not wash your hands thoroughly you can be contaminated with e-coli bacteria which can be a cause for you to be sick. You might hold your face, your cellphones or other cell, computers or anything. The sypmptoms of the disease are severe abdominal cramps, fever and vomiting, bloody diarrhea and nausea.

The basic, safest and the best thing to do is wash your hands very well with soap and water. There is also a right way of washing the hands. It is not safe that you wet your hands with water and soap, Filipinos should do this religiously because we have the habit of not using paper whenever we defecate. Besides washing the hands with soap and water dry the hands with hand dryers. In public, commercial or business buildings there are special air hand dyers or restroom hand dryers. I am sure with the heat coming from this drier the bacteria will surely die and prevent you and anybody from the contamination of e-coli.