Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jobs Hard to Find

When i came here in Canada in 2005  i was inspired to work and had been very active and focused on my job as a caregiver. I love the work of caring for the children and adult. The job is really not that hard, its just like your home taking care of your children but the difference is working and then being paid.

After my contract in three years , i decided to change my job and try to find one being a caregiver or just any job. It took me almost a month to find a job and all i could be accomodated was doing manual job. Its really that hard to find other jobs except for my background as a caregiver.

But my doing manual jobs had forced my body to be more weaker and also because of my age, i am already 60. I was influenced by my friend to work with Canada Post , i believe i can do that job like a postman.  But surfing the site and looking for possible position , there was none available at the moment and i was surprised that Canada Post is already selling playstation 3. and other stuff on their websites. Its not only for personal used but as well as for business.

But clicking on the careers button , i found out the letter carrier position where i could apply but reading all the requirements there were items that i think i would not be accepted like driver experience for 3 years, experienced with the public and some other items.

I was back to where i have to started to look again for what is available that is best fitted for my qualification. The present financial crisis is really being felt even in Canada.