Saturday, January 15, 2011

My other blogsite locked

Its really depressing that when you are very enthusiastic in posting some articles then you will be confronted with a problem not of your own making.  I don’t know if this is already a part of what i have discovered on my horoscope for  this year?  the Year of the Rabbit? where it says

  There may be some obstacles in the work aspect, there is a will, but not the strength but you do not need to worry too much because there seem to have a honored person in the star palace to lend a hand. That will help solve may problems.”

My other blogsite was locked and Google locked it since the first week of January when my last article was just greeting readers and visitors with “HAPPY NEW YEAR “ ,  is this spamming ?

This was the last article , when it was locked ?
“Its 2011 Happy New Year PTC Lovers “
2010 is gone its now 2011 i sincerely wish every ptc lovers and everyone  a “ HAPPY MORE PROSPEROUS , WEALTH, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS  this NEW YEAR “
I would like to thank the clickers, subscribers and or readers for a year of survival 2010 . They are the key to any blogs and business online.

Let’s all Hope for a better year for paid to click lovers !!! to achieve more money, good income , good sites, more downlines , other good income programs  and a better health to sustain more the struggle in the online income industry.

Let us have a New Year’s Resolution for  2011 ,  the year of  the RABBIT !!  Let me hear from you your resolution ,  watch out  for my PTC resolution for the coming year.

Is this a spam blog..?  My last article in my other site that was locked.

The damaged had been done again , i remember that this also happened to  flipantantasticweb.blogspot which was also locked for weeks and then it was restored. Its the same thing they apologized for locking my blogsite and then blamed their system which is fuzzy and you cannot do anything but just have to wait.

It is  really very disgusting , i had been blogging for almost three years now and i dont earn anything with Google, their ad sense is non sense. I am really disaapointed with these locking system, i am already inclined to have a separated hosting site.

Now they are still reviewing my other blogsite , so i really dont know the reason why they locked it  because they dont give you the exact findings . You will just have read the articles about spam blogs and its up to you to judge yourself if your blog is spam or not.  So if my other blogsite wont be restored , then its a spam blog for Google.