Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will Pres. Arroyo Be Afraid ?

President Corazon Aquino became a symbol of “democracy” since the birth of People Power. As a loving , faithful and responsible wife she became a hero of our country the Philippines. She could not be forgotten in the history of the Filipino People . She stood up against the dictatorship of deposed President Marcos and from then on , what she had done became a symbol and a lesson.

Before her death she was fighting for the “truth” to come out from the present government’s officials from the TOP being blamed for too much corruption, insensitivity to the people’s needs and manipulators for their own ends which means the CHA CHA in Congress. She stood up and declared her call for President Arroyo to resign.

President Cory’s death had shaken the filipino people’s sentiment once again and the People’s Power spirit was live again. Thousands of people came out from the street to see her being transferred from Greenhills to Manila Cathedral.

This part history in the making is happening on the death of President Cory is a show of force for the rulers of the country that will probably awaken them and make second thoughts of what ever sinister plans they are cooking in the coming election 10 months from now. The massive outpour of people’s sympathy and condolence to “Cory’s Death” is a sign that the people loves “President Cory”, the principles she stand for , the humility, the braveness for the fighting the TRUTH and her wisdom for the greatest Filipino. The Call now is not only “Thank You President Cory” but “ We Will Follow You and Fight for the Truth Which You Had Been Fighting Against the Present Government.

More show of people’s support for the “ICON OF DEMOCRACY

Will Pres. Arroyo Be Afraid ? will the Filipino People respond and fight for what Cory stand for, TULOY ANG LABAN!!