Friday, July 4, 2008

New Web2.0 upgrade an innovation, its here

Its now real the new web2.0 upgrade has been launched it is truly an innovation . I have not seen any website with this kind that combine the many functionalities of networking you want to see in one site and more are coming.

I tried to follow on these developments , as a follow up on my last article. I did not know that it would really happened . On the First of July which is supposed to be the launching date of Web 2.0 upgrade, I could not find their site. Its gone and all I could log on was about their promotion on several websites. And a lot of other websites and forum are saying it is a scam and some have written blogs that the owner was grounded. Below is a sample of an article about the owner Robert.


Re: New Scam

Hello ,

The account holder Robert Kuntz has been removed from our clients. His server ( has been taken off-line and we will not accept any business from Mr. Kuntz. Offending sites that were on his server includes:

We apologize for the inconveniences these offending sites have caused.

Network Security Operations Center,

I dont know if these were true , but this probably was read by other webmasters and have spread in some part of the blogosphere .

But come July 3, 2008 an email has arrived and WOW , its the news of the launching date that happened on July 1, 2008 but had not been widely announced because of hackers . There were really hackers and spoilers that does not want Web 2.0 upgrade to do its launching. It was now successful as the email had described it . And its not TRUE that Robert is a scammer and the y Web 2.0 upgrade cannot be done. , HE HAD MAKE IT RUN ... WEB 2.0 UPGRADE IS NOW ALIVE ...


What is buzzbot Web 2.0 upgrade , in actuality ?

As you can see with this image of the inside of Buzzbot Web2upgrade its a networking site that you could do your blogging, log on events , be a member of Clubs and do your chatting with friends and families . You can also do searching for the members inside the Buzzbot , upload music , videos , answer in the polls and participate in the forums. As you can see its the many functionalities within one site , which you cannot see in any other sites in the net.

And the other special features of this Buzzbot is the software that you can download . This software allows you to type in the Buzzbot browser any website and that will have Social Networking features such as chat , blogs comments , site ratings and more. This will really upgrade the net with a click of a button.

Also one the best feature of the Buzzbot Web 2.0 upgrade is your chance to have a share with the company , any referral of two will constitute one share. What are you waiting for , go to the site and get it here , ITS FREE ... This is really FANTASTIC it is not a dream that they could master a membership of a million in such a short time ..