Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why a new name bitlanders?

In my last article i introduce Film Annex whom i consider a  phenomenal social media site that started to pay its members "bitcoin" then after a few weeks the name was changed to BITLANDERS . I was surprised to know , it was early in the morning  when i found out because i cannot login on my account using FILM ANNEX . so i asked my self  Why a new name bitlanders ?

What comes to my mind ?

  •  Film Annex had been sold out and needs a new name - i tried to search the domain name and owner


The owner had not changed so maybe its really just the named and it probably was not sold out. Since i am  an active member for  more than a month so i did not see any changes, except that there were questions on my mind that are not answered until now.   

  • It came to mind that probably the reason for the change of name was that  " film annex" the former name was probably more related to film industry which was way back started a long time ago.  The new name is needed to give it a new image and paying members in "bitcoin" is a new image and a motivation  for the  company.  This is my guess " Why a new name bitlanders?"                                                                                                      

  • It also came to mind was about regulations. There is a pending regulation in New York city where "bitlanders" is having its office. The regulation is about  " those who have business about bitcoins, will have to register" so bitlanders is now separated with film annex. 

    I have posted this article in view that there was no one explaining " why a new name bitlanders". Maybe others wont mind them as long as there's no changes as with film annex.  For me any changes, new polices or features are subject to questions, inquiry and need answers just like "why a new name bitlanders"


    So the name is not only my concerned here, its also the system within the "bitlanders" its not clear who are the admins, what is the organization structure within the site ( if you have questions whom to approach), the scoring system is not clear ( though i perceived - they cannot quantify it). There are some issues inside that are not addressed.  I do believe if you have a public site then its mandatory to hear issues and addressed on it or else there will be a problem.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Countries are now more closer

With the invention of the internet " countries are now  more closer". The distance between countries are no longer a problem and relationships  of people with different nationalities, cultures and businesses are  great, fast and developing.  Though there are countries wihich are not in good terms politically and economically  but the rest of the world are interconnecting , sharing and having ties. 

There are a lot of things happening now all over the world and the popular news are not so good about the spread of new disease,  the wars going on on different countries and the unthinkable changes of the climatic and enviromental conditions that makes people fear of what's we are heading to. In spite of these events and catasthrope's life had to continue and governments had the responsibility to take care of the economic and political life of its own countrymen.

Inter- connecting of different countries with different languages to ease communication was not a problem even before because there are  courses of different languages in schools of different countries like in my country you can learn, spanish, korean, japanese, english,  and other languages.  But with the invention of the technology where the relationships of people and transactions  of  businesses are now transpiring online it is now more faster,  feeling closer, intimate and exact. You don't need to go to a certain country to transact your business internet takes care of your  business transactions. By a click of finger, if you need a financial  translator you can hook for one or a company especially skilled to this kind of craft. The internet had even developed more sophistication like  "the app" which makes life more easier.

Online technology even further pushed its high end that even money now or later in the future is now on the web not handy, not a paper, not a check but digital its bitcoin. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Register with a social media site that pays

In my experience as a blogger and online i know that there are social networking site that pays but i had not been a member.   But when i  stumble upon "Film Annex"  i readily registered and became a member. What attracted me of the site was it is a social media site that pays.  Adding to my excitement was that it is paying with "bitcoin".  I am an early adopter of bitcoin  and it is my point of activity since last year up to this day and maybe until  "bitcoin" stays on the mainstream.

Film Annex  is a social media  not a social networking site though it is almost the same but the difference with Film Annex was that it's more about film making which was really its background. The founder was Franceso Rulli  (from wikipedia )  "Italian businessman, philanthropist and black belt Judo instructor at the New York Athletic Club.[1] He founded and serves as the president of Film Annex, an online independent film distribution platform and web television network.[2] Rulli also co-founded Mrs. Mudd, a fashion and design consulting firm with American actor, producer and director John Malkovich.[3] Rulli was a featured actor in Malkovich's documentary Flipping Uncle Kimono.[4][5]" 

Film Annex had grown and developed at this time to be a  film making and  distribution platform ,  members can write articles or blog ,  make videos ,  have their own Web TV  and earn from this activity .  The earnings are being paid in "bitcoins' 

How  will earn bitcoins from Film Annex?

The basic in any online social media or networking sites is activity.  You must be very active to earn with Film Annex since they are paying.  They measure your activity with buzz scores, the more you earn buzz scores  through your activity the more you earn. 
The activities are  film making or video making it has to be original not copied.  If you are not a film or video maker , you can have a Web TV set up and choose among the thousands of movies on their library and set it up on your FA account.  Every member are given web tv and earns based on advertising just like youtube.  If you are a blogger you can also write articles  any post of your choice and promote it thru other social networking sites  like twitter, google+ and facebook.  The purpose of  blogging or promotion is developing your brand of writing attracting advertisers as well as  your referrals.  Other activities on the film annex are micro- blogging  like twitter,  installing photo galleries and of course  referring friends which adds a lot for more earnings. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Make your email safe

On the early stage of  the internet and when email started its a whole lot easier and safer to have communications. But as it get years in using the internet and emails life begins to be uneasy. We reach an age online that emails are used not only used for communication but rather more for selling products and services. It is not only the enterpreneurs who targets their clients email but also some bad guys do the phishing, the selling and spamming of your electronic mails.   The latest revelations of "Edward Snowden"  our  online account or  emails is now "eyed" by governments to look for a potential terrorist since the 911.

The latest spying on our account is the very latest in the history of email  communication and a lot of people had now become conscious and fear about the accounts online.  But businesses had been creative in having some alternatives and making secure that email accounts would be free from phising, spamming and even being spied by any government. Have you experienced phising and spamming ? Yes for me , i always receive phising emails from Paypal and even reporting it they cannot stopped it. What more for the spying of your emails,  nobody could determine if your account is being spied.

I think the latest technology that have been developed regarding emails is the 'auto destructing electronic messages"  With the term it describes that your messages have a span of life , it self destructs. Just like a James Bond movie, when he receives a message it self destucts in a few minutes, so there are no more messages and its not traceable. 

New technology is about new business so we are assure that whatever problems we encounter there will be solutions there are remedies to ensure the safety of our account so dont worry about your emails or account.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Essential tips for house removals

It had been a long time since i had my last article posted and it really pains me to missed writing about some events which had been emotional and historical about the latest catastrophe  that befall to my countrymen in the Philippines. For the last few months my fellow filipinos had suffered the devastating  typhoons, floods, earthquakes and landslides. It pains just to see news of the people living in miseries. Thank god its over and life goes on and I hope it would be better and the people and the government should have learned from the hardships.

The world is really changing drastically and catasthrophes are unpredictable.

While my countrymen were suffering from these events, me and my family here in our residence are moving our house stuff to another place. That  situation limited my time to  regularly post good articles for my blog.  I was really busy from the preparation, planning to actual house removals and setting up on the new house.

But, it was a learning experienced again. It made me seriously consider a lot of things on house removals, There must be a system and I can share to you essential tips for moving or house removals. As I have been practising all along whenever I am planning on any event , I always consider on consulting  online for any requirements needed such as house removals;
  • Consider the history or background of the removalist and what specialty they are offering like alexanasis.com
  • With regards to house removals first to consider is the budget needed for the activity from the preparation to actual moving out and arrangement of household stuff into the new house. You need to consider what company you will choose for the house removals. You need their quotations to give you an idea of how much your going to spent to move out. Of couse you need the cheapest removal services. 
  • You can either the call the company for the quotation or use their online faster quotes for your convenience, they will provide the necessary details of quotes per item to be move out.
  • Some questions needed to be clarified with any removalist and you
  1. The total inventory of the items and the size of the truck to be used in moving out
  2. The need for the dismantling of any furnitures or item, it would be much cheaper if items are already just to be picked up and move out. Everything fitted in a box should be done.
  3. How long will  be the moving out from the pick up to loading, the distance and the weather
  4. Are there hidden cost which are not stated
  5. The time to booked 
  6. Are there insurance with the regards to furnitures 
  7. Are charges differ from weekdays and weekends 
All of the above have been considered in our moving out and there were no problems that came out. I hope you will consider this essential tips for your house removals. By this time I am now ready  back to my task of giving you more good post.